3d model Neue Wiener Werkstaette FX10 lounge chair

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High quality 3d model of a stylish Neue Wiener Werkstaette FX10 lounge chair.
The model was created paying much attention to precision proportions, shapes and all the details. It has accurate grid, texturing, Vray materials, ready to use and good for close-up.

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size: 70 x 90 x 106 cm

Thomas Feichtner designed the FX10 Lounge Chair with a view to designing a chair in a closed and compact shape that is free of seams. The abstract name FX10 is actually the product name of a ski binding Thomas Feichtner designed for the Austrian ski maker Fischer previously. Due to the strong similarity of the formal approaches of both designs and in reminiscence of the numerous skis and ski bindings designed by Thomas Feichtner the chair bears the same name as the ski binding.

The FX10 Lounge Chair is composed of several surfaces each of which is upholstered and covered with leather separately. The surfaces are put together to form a whole, like the ice blocks of an igloo. Since no seams and no time-consuming sewing are necessary, the Lounge Chair is produced quickly and, moreover, easy to repair simply by exchange of a surface. In terms of form, the FX10 Lounge Chair is made out of a rectangular prism. Slightly offset from the base body, a circumferential edge marks the boundary between the simple body and the more complex seat. The top view and the front view of this piece of furniture almost appear to be mirrored. The seating surface is tapered towards the back, which opens up in a mirror-inverted manner. From the seat downward there is a smaller area that serves as leg rest. The formal keystone is composed of two small triangles, the only surfaces that have three anchor points, which connect the seat shell and the base body. The design of surfaces, points and lines does not follow any higher or even mathematical principle. All surfaces are freely counterbalanced, and their corner points are set so as to generate tension. Thomas Feichtner focused particularly on closedness of the body to achieve the sculptural character.

The FX10 Lounge Chair is manufactured in series by Neue Wiener Werkstätte and sold worldwide. The goal of Neue Wiener Werkstätte is to hook up to the success of the traditional Wiener Werkstätten by producing contemporary Austrian design.


(Neue Wiener Werkstaette)

File format: 3ds Max (*.max ) 2009 V-Ray Textured
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